What is Double-Rectified Busthead?


Double-Rectified Busthead is more commonly known as straight sour mash whiskey of at least 80 proof. This can be mixed with cola and ice for additional drinkability. Typical mixing brands are:

In a pinch these will do for straight shots, however the preferred brands for shots are:

Sometimes, when there's a good sale going on at the grocery store, we'll stretch the definition of busthead and allow blended whiskys too.

Typical blended brands are:

In True Grit, undoubtedly one of the best western movies ever made, John Wayne plays the role of Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn, a crusty old U.S. Marshal in search of the murderer of a young girl's father. Busthead is his drink of choice, which he has confiscated from bootleggers. John Wayne received a long overdue Academy Award for this role in 1969.


"The real article, Double-Rectified Busthead, aged in the keg"


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